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One year after Prime Minister Harper said skills shortages are the biggest challenge facing the country, the business community continues to identify the skills gap as the most pressing issue. According to our members, the competition to find and hire highly qualified and skilled professionals is intense. Employers and policy-makers must keep focusing on skills if we are to avoid current and expected shortages from threatening our growth.

While some argue that the skills gap is not real, Canadian business representing all sectors and all regions of the country continue to highlight that they cannot find the right people to fill the vacancies and help grow their business. The problem is real. Through consultation with our association members, we determined gaps remain the widest in the following sectors: natural resources, construction, information technology and services.

Industries are addressing their workforce challenges. Among the initiatives, they are attracting more young people and under-represented groups to certain occupations. By working with educational institutions, they are looking to increase the supply of new entrants into their fields. Training and retention efforts are also critical responses, as they cope with gaps in their workforces.

Read what our association members had to say about the skills gaps in their sectors.

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