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$50 Million a Day report cover

Today, we issued a report entitled $50 Million a Day. In our report, we highlight how Canada’s lack of infrastructure is preventing Canadians from maximizing their potential benefits in energy markets.

The fastest growing markets for oil and gas now lie in non-OECD nations; however, Canada cannot respond to this opportunity as it lacks the infrastructure to get energy to tidewater and overseas. This lack of market access has cost Canada as much as $50 Million a Day. Jobs, tax revenues and other economic benefits are all at stake.

Oil and gas, its transportation and its environmental and social impacts have become one of the most pressing policy debates of the last few years. $50 Million a Day lays out key facts every Canadian needs to understand about the issue. It is time to have a balanced discussion about what it means to be an energy nation in the 21st century. At the Canadian Chamber, we are committed to having this discussion and will kick it off during International Trade Day on Oct. 29.

Access the report.

View our infographic: Canadian Oil and Gas: The U.S. Needs Less. Asia Needs More.

For more information, please contact Katrina Marsh, Director, Natural Resources and Environmental Policy.

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