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Canada’s failure to diversify its energy market is leaving millions of dollars on the table every day. We are at a critical point. What’s at stake for Canada is millions of jobs, tax revenues and other economic benefits. The cost of inaction is enormous.

Oil and gas, its transportation and its environmental and social impacts have become one of the most pressing policy debates of the last few years. There are key facts every Canadian needs to understand about the issue. It is time to have a balanced discussion about what it means to be an energy nation in the 21st century. The lack of reliable access to tidewater for oil and gas and its attendant effects on the Canadian economy is a key barrier to competitiveness with negative implications for the nation.

Balancing the essential contribution oil and gas makes to our standard of living with environmental and social responsibility is not easy. At the Canadian Chamber of Commerce we are committed to having this discussion. The choices we make will shape our economy for years to come.

As Canadians, we all need to be part of this discussion.

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