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We welcome Canada’s participation in international negotiations on a services agreement.

The services sector is a vital component of the Canadian economy, accounting for approximately 70 per cent of Canadian GDP and nearly four out of five Canadian jobs. We are pleased Canada has joined with other like-minded countries in the negotiation of an international agreement on services. This week, a diverse group of 21 countries are participating in talks in Geneva, Switzerland to reach a new international services agreement. When combined, these countries account for 70 per cent of global trade in services. The last major services negotiation occurred almost 20 years and resulted in the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).

A successful, modern agreement has the potential to increase market access for Canadian companies and provide the framework necessary for additional services sector growth. The Canadian Services Coalition, an affiliate of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is in Geneva this week to participate in high-level stakeholder meetings on these negotiations.

Consult the official announcement.

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