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Closing the Skill Gap report cover

Today, we issued a report entitled Closing the Skills Gap: Mapping a Path for Small Business. Our report presents the findings of a symposium we hosted in November 2012 on skills and small business. The symposium participants included owners and managers of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and stakeholders from government, academia and the learning and training communities. Our report includes their recommendations for encouraging increased skills development in SMEs, makes policy recommendations for all stakeholders and highlights best practices in alleviating skills pressures. To supplement our report, we created a toolkit of training resources for SMEs.

With declining labour force growth, low productivity growth and a mismatch between the skills required and those available, Canada must close its skills gap if it is to maintain and grow its economy. As small- and medium-sized enterprises employ half of all private-sector employees, their training and upskilling challenges require attention. With this report, SMEs, the Canadian Chamber and its network of chambers of commerce can work with other stakeholders to overcome human resource issues and improve the competitiveness of Canadian business.

For more information, please contact Sarah Anson-Cartwright, Director, Skills Policy at

Access the report and the toolkit.

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