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PRT Video Scholarship

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer university students across Canada the opportunity to win a $2,000 scholarship. Students will want to familiarize themselves with the Partnership for Resource Trade and produce a brief video on the merits of supporting its objectives.

The Partnership aims to foster a favorable environment for policy decisions that enable responsible resource development and trade. The objectives of the Partnership are:

  • To reinforce pride in Canada’s natural resource and trading-based economy.
  • To remind people not directly involved in the mining, forestry, oil and gas and farming industries, how these natural resources sectors are closely linked to the ongoing well being of our economy and all Canadians.
  • To highlight the importance of the resource value chain, and especially the unique opportunities available to our country if we have the drive to seize them.

The videos must be creative, original, fun and no more than three to five minutes long. It should address one or more of the PRT’s three objectives and promote the support of the PRT. Participants are to email their videos to where a Project Coordinator will post the video onto the Canadian Chamber’s YouTube channel. In addition to the $2,000 scholarship, the winning video will be featured in a PRT communications campaign.

The goal of this contest is not only to create more awareness among youth on the importance of Canada’s natural resource sectors, but also to further interest and engage our younger generation in one of Canada’s key policy and economic issue.

The rules of the contest are straightforward:

  1. In order to be eligible for the contest, students must be registered as full-time students as well as like the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) on Facebook, follow the CCC on Twitter, and subscribe to the CCC’s YouTube channel. In addition, students must sign themselves and five friends up on the PRT website:
  2. For the video, students must focus on Canada’s resource sector (mining, forestry, agriculture, etc.), outline the primary problem for the sectors, explain why people should support the PRT campaign and how it benefits everyone across Canada
  3. The video should be creative, original, and fun. The video should be concise and straight to the point and students should aim for the video to be three to five minutes long. Participants must then email their video to in order for the Project Coordinators to post the video onto CCC’s YouTube channel
  4. The deadline to submit the video is July 18(tentative date)and after there will be a two-week public voting period. After the voting period, the top 10 videos with the most likes will be taken into consideration by the CCC and then a winner will be chosen by August 7 (tentative). The winning video will then be used to help us market our campaign

Most importantly, we want the students to have fun with this video and to learn more about Canada’s natural resources. If you have any questions at all about the video contest, please feel free to contact our Project Outreach Coordinators at