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Documents Not Certified by the Canadian Chamber

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce cannot certify the following documents (not an all-inclusive list):

  • Certificates of Origin relating to international trade agreements such as NAFTA
  • Certificates of Value (can be obtained from freight forwarders)
  • Certificates of Composition or Analysis (weights/materials, etc.)
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Certificates of Fumigation
  • Certificates of Free Sale; for Certificates of Free Sale for Natural health products (NHPs), Over-the-Counter products (OTCs), Disinfectant, Medical devices, and Low-risk veterinary health products, go to:
  • Confirmation of Price Lists
  • Documents issued by the federal or provincial/territorial governments
  • Documents issued by foreign entities (government, company, etc)
  • Documents with references to quality or human consumption
  • Letters of invitation (entry into Canada)
  • Personal documents (marriage/death certificates, divorce papers, etc.)
  • Documents with boycott clauses or inferring boycotting
  • Documents issued in a foreign language