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How to Apply for a Carnet

The ATA Carnet is going online!

We are proud to announce that we will soon be accepting ATA Carnet applications online. This new solution will not only allow you to apply and pay for your carnets online, it will also enable you to purchase carnet bonds, all in one place. 

In addition to the convenience of a one-stop shop, this tool will let you:

  • Rest assured that your carnet requests have been received and are being processed.
  • Keep track of all issued carnets, past and present, and view their status.
  • Be confident that your data is encrypted and secure.

We hope to launch this platform in the fall of 2018. Stay tuned for more updates!


There are four components to the carnet application process:

  1. Filling out a carnet application form
  2. Completing the general list
  3. Arranging for a security guarantee
  4. Payment of an administration fee


1. Filling out a carnet application form

Carefully read and complete all sections of the application form. The form contains a declaration stating that applicants accept liability for goods not returned to Canada and unconditional liability to reimburse all payments made by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to customs authorities, should a valid claim be filed.

The category of your merchandise determines which countries will accept your carnet. It is advisable to check the relevant country information and advisories under carnet countries prior to your travels.

The duly signed application form may be submitted to any of our three offices by mail, fax or email. If you send your application form by fax or email, please also mail the original form to the issuing office.

2. Completing the general list

The general list is an itemized list of all goods covered by the carnet. Careful completion of this form is essential to ensure entry and exit from foreign countries with minimal delays and costs.

Only typed lists will be accepted. Your list should be submitted electronically in MS Excel format for ease of editing. (Canadian Chamber of Commerce approved format)

Once the list has been submitted and your carnet has been processed, any editing requests will result in additional fees.

3. Arranging for a security guarantee

The main purpose of the carnet is to guarantee to customs authorities, where the goods are being temporarily imported, that all duties and taxes will be paid if the conditions under which they allowed the goods into their country are breached.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, as the guaranteeing association in Canada, is responsible for ensuring the payment of valid claims. As a result, a security guarantee of 40% of the value of the goods listed on your carnet must accompany your application. This security acts as collateral and will be drawn upon to reimburse the Canadian Chamber in the event duties and taxes are owed. The security guarantee may be in the form of cash, certified cheque, money order or a surety bond.

The security guarantee is posted for a period of 30 months. It will, however, be conditionally cancelled at the conclusion of your trip(s) abroad providing your carnet documents are in order and have been returned to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and there is proof that ALL the goods have been re-exported to Canada in a timely fashion.

If your carnet has not been properly validated, the security can be held until the claim period is over (one year from your carnet’s expiration date) or until all claims are settled.

A minimum security of $250.00 is required; this may vary depending on planned trips.

4. Payment of an administration fee

The carnet administration fee is determined by the value of your merchandise, the number of countries to be visited and the total trips to be taken. A discounted fee is offered to members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Allow five working days from the time your application reaches Carnet Services for processing. Expedited processing is available at a surcharge.

Please refer to the cost and payment instructions for a cost estimate.