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Sponsorship Opportunities

Policy Projects

Support a stronger, more competitive Canada

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s power to influence public policy is very much enhanced by sponsored projects. With expert advice and financial support from sponsors, we are able to conduct analyses and develop recommendations on various subjects of importance to Canadian business—a true benefit of being an organization with a broad business perspective. In the last few years, the Canadian Chamber has made a significant impact on issues surrounding a skilled workforce, international trade negotiations, natural resource trade and environmental sustainability. With each project, the common denominator was the strong support of sponsors.

2018 Prospectus
Be part of our projects and help build a Canada that wins.

CPTPP First Mover Advantage Series Workshops: Agri-Food Sector Readiness
First workshop: May 10, Langley, B.C

To help Canada’s agri-food businesses position themselves for success, we are launching a series of three workshops. The first workshop will occur on May 10, in Langley B.C. with our partners Export Action Global and our local partner, the BC Chamber. Read more.

Regulatory Competitiveness Series 2018
The increasing costs of regulatory compliance and uncertainty affects Canadian businesses of all sizes in all sectors and is a significant barrier to improving Canada’s competitiveness.

We Are Moving | June

We are offering our members the opportunity to contribute to our move in exchange for high visibility recognition within our office for the duration of our 10-year lease.

Ottawa Day: Building a Canada that Wins | October
We are excited to be holding an advocacy day in Ottawa. Ottawa Day is an opportunity for our Board, members of our policy committee, corporate sponsors and the presidents of the provincial and territorial chambers to advocate public policy priorities and develop relationships with key parliamentarians and officials.


For more information on how your company can contribute, please contact:

Chuck Wright, Director, Sponsorships and Business Development | 416.868.6415 (250)

Melissa McGee, Associate Director, Corporate Relations and Sponsorship | 416.868.6415 (236)