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Policy Wins by Sector

Wins by Sector

As the Voice of Canadian Business, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce represents businesses of all sizes, from all sectors of the economy and from all regions of the country in advocating for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses, communities and families across Canada.

How we are helping your sector compete and win

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to competitiveness to ensure Canadian businesses have the resources and public policies they need to help them prosper, compete and succeed. Take a look at what we have achieved on behalf of your sector.


Agriculture, Food and Beverage Advocacy that Works

A Construction and Engineering Sector that Works

 A Manufacturing Sector that Works

A Retail Trade Sector that Works

A Transportation and Logistics Sector that Works

 A Utilities Sector that Works

Advocacy for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses

An Information Technology Sector that Works

 A Resource Sector that Works

 Financial Services Advocacy that Works