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Hot Topic: Corporate Taxes

Hammering Business – Finance Canada’s New Crackdown

The government has just proposed the most radical tax overhaul in 50 years. We’re particularly worried about the impact on business from (1) a new tax on investment income in a corporation and (2) tough new rules for compensation in family businesses.

This is an issue where the power of the network can affect change if we all work together and use our voice of business.

The window of opportunity is closing.  The Liberal and Conservative caucuses meet immediately after Labour Day and we are aiming to have MPs go to the meetings with businesses’ comments in hand.

To help businesses have their voices heard we have created a number of pieces to share with your members.


Policy Alert: Finance Canada Is Considering Major Changes to How Corporations Are Taxed (July 31)

5 Minutes for Business: Hammering Business – Finance Canada’s New Crackdown (August 22)
This brief examines what is driving the government’s most radical tax overhaul in 50 years.

Are you a business owner? Your MP needs to hear from you
(Chamber blog, August 25)

If your business is incorporated, then you could be facing a larger tax bill and big compliance costs from the government’s new proposals to change the way corporations are taxed.

Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness letter on proposed tax proposals (August 30)

Business groups unite, call on Ottawa to drop federal tax changes
(Press release, August 31)

Policy Brief: Taxation Proposals from Finance (Sept 15)