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Business Law Committee


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Legal Committee advocates for a business competitiveness framework within our legal system.

We examine prominent issues that have limited, and continue to limit fair and equal administration of the law, negatively impacting Canadians and our economy.

Our goal is to raise awareness about frivolous legal proceedings and put forward recommendations that positively reform regulatory bodies, legislatures and the courts in order to strengthen Canada’s overall competitiveness.

Our Committee scrutinizes issues such as:

  • Providing advice to parliament and government on the drafting of legislation and regulation that promotes a competitive business environment in Canada;
  • Issues pertaining to litigation (class actions, third-party litigation funding, etc);
  • Issues pertaining to procurement;
  • Emerging technologies and changes to how legal services are being delivered;
  • Alternative business structures and the future of the law.


Who we are:

Our Committee is comprised of experienced lawyers and corporate counsel members representing a variety of industries including energy, financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, technology and telecommunications.


Legally Speaking:

Legally Speaking is a communiqué about the crafting of our law and litigation reform initiatives. We also use this forum for Canadian Chamber legal members to discuss “hot topics” that pervade the Canadian legal landscape.


Professional Accreditation Workshop:

Each year, we provide our legal membership with a three-hour ethics training session that is required by many provincial law societies.